Gearbox Oil Coolers

Thermex Gearbox Oil Coolers are a high quality alternative to brass tube coolers traditionally used on marine engine gearboxes. The glass filled nylon headers offer a more robust solution than neoprene moulded equivalents and the high-density tube stack provides high performance despite the small size of the cooler. 

Features of the Gearbox Oil Coolers include;

  • 90/10 Cupro-Nickel tubes
  • Naval Brass tube plates
  • Aluminium shells
  • Glass Filled Nylon Headers
  • Nitrile seals (Viton seal are available for applications where operating temperatures exceed 100ºC)
  • Manufactured in England
  • Quick delivery times available for most products


Gearbox Oil Cooler Range;

Gearbox Oil Cooler Line Drawing



Oil Circuit

Port Size (BSP)

Water Circuit

Pipe Size (mm)







Part Number

Without Foot

Part Number

With Foot

GB50 3/8" 34 242 89 144 GB50-SLN GB50-SLF
28 GB50-SSN GB50-SSF
1/2" 34 GB50-LLN GB50-LLF
28 GB50-LSN GB50-LSF
GB60 3/8" 34 271 118 173 GB60-SLN GB60-SLF
28 GB60-SSN GB60-SSF
1/2" 34 GB60-LLN GB60-LLF
28 GB60-LSN GB60-LSF
GB90 3/8" 34 315 162 217 GB90-SLN GB90-SLF
28 GB90-SSN GB90-SSF
1/2" 34 GB90-LLN GB90-LLF
28 GB90-LSN GB90-LSF
GB120 3/8" 34 433  280 335 GB120-SLN GB120-SLF
28 GB120-SSN GB120-SSF
1/2" 34 GB120-LLN GB120-LLF
28 GB120-LSN GB120-LSF


For more information and performance curves, please download the catalogue or contact us with any questions;

Download: Gearbox Oil Cooler Catalogue (500 KB)


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