New HAAS CNC Machine

Thermex continue to invest in new machinery at the Redditch (UK) headquaters

Just 2 years after the purchase of a Tri-Axis Doosan, Thermex have purchased another new CNC Milling Machine, this time a HAAS VF-3SS. This is due to rapid growth in the business and a need for greater machine capacity. The new investment ensures that as demand for Thermex Heat Exchangers grows, the business will be able to accommodate the additional demand without resourcing labour overseas.

The new HAAS machine comes with impressive features such as;

  • 12,000 rpm in-line direct-drive spindle
  • Ultra fast tool changer
  • 35m/min rapids
  • Less vibration, heat and noise that other belt driven spindles
  • Full specification:

The primary function of the machine will be for the production of tube plates. These arrive at Thermex as Naval Brass stampings and are then turned on automated lathes. The CNC Machine is used to drill the pre-programmed hole patterns in to the turned plates, which are then ready for assembly in to heat exchanger tube stacks. The picture below shows the tube plates before and after machining.

Thermex Heat Exchanger Tube Plate

We are committed to producing as much of our work on site as possible, ensuring that our Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are truly a British made product.


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